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Nomadic Theatrical Productions (NTP) was launched in April 2014. The twin objectives of the company are to promote new writing and adaptations of established plays and create an environment for aspiring amateur and semi-professional actors and technicians to display their talents and skills to larger and varied audiences across the UK.


NTP’s successful run at the Courtyard theatre came to an end on 25 October. The show has received critical acclaim (see below) and was watched by over 400 people over ten nights.

We are currently planning our 2015 season and welcome approaches from writers and theatres wishing to collaborate with us.

PLAYS TO SEE  –  Review

tartuffe scene

Tartuffe ☆☆☆(☆)

Review by Katerina Yannouli

16 October 2014

17th century playwright Molière, is considered one of the masters of literary comedy. One of the greatest exponents of the comedy of manners, he satirised the hypocrisy and pretensions of 17th century French society. Tartuffe or The Impostor (Le Tartuffe or L’Imposteur) is one of his most famous comedies, and one that immediately sparked conflict among the different factions it offended. So widespread and long-lasting has been its appeal that in contemporary French and English a tartuffe is a “hypocritical pretender to piety”.

The play opens with Captain Valere waltzing down the steps and introducing the spectators to the characters and the era. He calls the adaptation “a consummation of marriage between English wit and Gallic flair”.

Matthew Partridge set his adaptation in Restoration England but kept the plot intact. Sir George and his mother Madame Scoldwell are in thrall to Tartuffe. Claiming to be a “Man of God”, the crafty and corrupt Tartuffe wormed his way into the household and has become a veritable tyrant. The rest of the family see him for what he really is, but are unable to expose Tartuffe’s hypocrisy. When Sir George decides to dissolve his daughter’s Marianne’s engagement to the gallant Captain Valere and wed her to Tartuffe, they decide to take action. They hatch a plot to use Tartuffe’s obvious lust for Elmire - Sir George’s wife - against him; expose his perfidy and save the young lovebirds. There is no doubt that Tartuffe is bent on having his way with Elmire. Yet even in the scenes where he attempts to seduce her, he can be seen as dominated by the desire for power.

Undeniably, the play is an enjoyable comedy. The writer has tried and kept the verse structure as much as possible, resulting occasionally in diverting plays of words and has faithfully represented the characters. Karen Collins’ Dorine, the savvy and lippy maid, was a memorable performance.


Tartuffe Flyer

Nomadic Theatrical Productions’ (NTP) have put online a video trailer of their upcoming debut performance of Moliere’s classic comedy, adapted and directed by Matthew Partridge.

With its fanciful and rousing baroque music, stunning set and period costumes, this fast-paced, playful adaptation blurs the late 17th Century with modern life to create a hilarious mixture of hypocrisy, envy, greed, sexual desire and family politics.

Matthew has a background in producing, directing and writing for fringe theatre in London and his adaptation is written in rhyming couplets, with a heavy dose of innuendo and double meanings.

According to Matthew, “I am delighted with the way in which the cast and designers have given a larger than life interpretation to what is in many ways a musical without the songs. It is a timeless tale of human vanity and frailty, which we hope will appeal to a wide and varied London audience.”

click on image above to view
the Tartuffe trailer

Nomadic is a new venture, founded in April this year by Clive Moffatt. He has many years experience in business and media and has established Nomadic to promote new writing while, simultaneously, creating a professional platform for aspiring actors and theatre technicians to display their talents to larger audiences in bigger venues across the UK.

Commenting on the launch of NTP Clive said “We hope that our premiere production of Tartuffe will generate a lot of buzz and enthusiasm and set the basis for a regular programme of productions in collaboration with off-West-End theatres We are currently planning our 2015 programme and I look forward to hearing from established and aspiring writers, actors and technicians”